Why I Said “Yes” to Using“Yes To Grapefruit Daily Facial Scrub”

With so many things in life to say “yes” to, this one is an easy decision.  

I had really struggled with my skin in the past and finding the right face wash for me.  Many of the products I tried were a nightmare to say the least, and did not help but actually made things worse!  I know you most likely have experienced this as well, and maybe like me, have become tired of trying new products only to end up with less money and the same results! 

I was ready to give up on trying new products and felt like no matter what I did, I just had different skin than everyone else.  I completely understand how you feel, and I want to encourage you that there is hope!  You are not the only one out there battling with your own skin!  So please don’t give up!

What Changes Helped

After years of using chemical-based products, I decided to switch over to using natural and organic products on my face a few years back.  It gives me much more peace of mind, and I know that I’m not harming my body any further with ingredients that lead to more problems.  It also gives me great results at a far cheaper price – so what’s not to love!

Disclaimer:  This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase through my links, I may receive a small commission for referring you to the product at no extra cost to you.  You can read more in the full disclosure.

What Makes This Face Scrub Different

The reason why I chose to use the “Yes To Grapefruit Daily Facial Scrub” was because of its natural ingredients as well as its skin smoothing and brightening benefits!  (I had tried another supposedly natural product on my face, before I found this one, which did so much more harm than good unfortunately!) However, with the “Yes To Grapefruit” scrub, I have been very pleased with the results!

What Were the Results

It has not caused me to breakout, but usually seems to keep me from breaking out or calms things down a bit.  Also, it leaves my skin with a nice glow, tightens pores, and really did help lighten up any lingering hyper-pigmentation.

A free skin tip here: I do believe watching what you eat is important!  Maybe I will write a post or share more on this topic in some way in the future. 🙂

What Is My Regimen/Facial Care Routine
I mostly use this face scrub along with my Neutrogena face scrubber.  (I personally wash off the Neutrogena face wash on the scrubbing pad to use it with the Yes To scrub instead.)  After rinsing the scrubbing pad thoroughly, I squeeze a small bit of the “Yes To face wash on it, and turn the scrubber switch up to the half-way setting. A little goes a long way with this grapefruit face wash; you only need to use about a pea-sized amount each time which also makes it last longer! I now don’t use the face wash every day as I found my skin likes to be left alone more so than being scrubbed or slathered with products continuously.  I like to use it with the powered scrubber usually one or two times a week at the most to give my skin a few days or a week’s break in-between.  It would most likely be too harsh to use the face scrub with the scrubber every day!  I do use my organic toner more often which I will write about in the future here as well! 🙂
Why I Recommend It to You
In conclusion, I honestly love to use the “Yes To Grapefruit Daily Facial Scrub” for the way it makes my skin look and feel, as well as its natural ingredients.  The affordable price also makes this an awesome deal, saving a ton of money which usually would have been spent on other chemical facial care systems!  If you haven’t given it a try, I definitely recommend it!
Where to Purchase

I’ve added my affiliate link here below so that you can take a look at the product for yourself if you don’t want to wait any longer! 🙂

See price and availability on Amazon here.

I hope this post was helpful to you, and I would love to hear your thoughts on this product in the comment section below!  I look forward to sharing more with you in my next post!

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