Why I Love This Multi-Device Keyboard

I absolutely love typing on this keyboard!  I’ve never regretted purchasing it as it fits my needs perfectly!  Find out if it’s right for you here!

Features, Benefits, and Pairing

One of the top features of the LogitechK780 is being able to switch quickly and easily between devices with the touch of a button!  For example, if you are working on your iPad and you receive a text message on your phone, you can reply to the text by touching a button at the top of the keyboard to switch to typing on your phone!

Another feature which drew me to purchase this specific model was the addition of the number keypad; it’s a perfect fit for spreadsheet work on an iPad!  It truly does make it easier with the addition of the arrow keys as well.

This keyboard allows you to use keyboard shortcuts with compatible devices, making it so much easier for certain tasks!  I find this especially helpful for typing long e-mails or posts compared to using the on-screen keyboard on my iPad, and it really does make it more like a computer when needed- which is fantastic!  It’s so much more convenient to use the copy and paste key commands with an iPad or also on a desktop computer if you need a dependable keyboard!

Disclaimer:  This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase through my links, I may receive a small commission for referring you to the product at no added cost to you.  You can learn more in the full disclosure.

An additional benefit is that this keyboard runs on batteries so you don’t have to worry about charging it!  That was a drawback of other keyboards I had looked at online before deciding on this one, a lot of the other keyboards have to be plugged in and regularly charge for a couple of hours!

I have enough things to accomplish and tackle everyday😉, and I know you do as well!  Therefore, it’s definitely a plus to not have to think about keeping this device charged!  There is also a convenient, little side-button slider that lets you turn the keyboard on and off to save extra battery life.

Similarly, the light indicators let you know when it’s on and connecting to your devices.  Once you set up with each device, it’s a set-it and forget-it type of thing, as I never had problems pairing it after I turned the keyboard off and back on.  It would instantly reconnect like a champ, and I was up and running- ready to go! 

Thankfully, I also never had any issues with it unpairing on its own during use.  I’ve used it with a desktop computer, an iPad, and my Droid phone; so if you were wondering, it does not have to be used with Apple only devices! 🙂 You don’t have to worry if you have a Droid phone like me; the LogitechK780 is compatible with many devices!

First Impressions and Compatibility

Another reason why I chose to purchase this keyboard was because I didn’t want my hands to be cramped and kinked in an awkward position as is the case with other smaller, portable keyboards for tablets on the market.  The neat thing is that the keys are actually round instead of square and are responsive.  

I had never typed on a keyboard quite like this one before so I wasn’t sure when I was searching online if I would like it or get used to it.  Well let me tell you…… I LOVE it!  I had to use a different keyboard for work once around the same time, and it was much harder to press the keys/not as responsive, the spacing of it was off compared to this one, and the keys were square.  This one is an exceedingly better fit and design!  

After giving this keyboard a try, I did not need to or want to return it!  Many people also have been impressed by this keyboard as I read numerous reviews before making the purchase.  I purchased mine brand new which I would recommend, if you can, to avoid any problems from wear and tear you don’t know about.

If you want to connect the keyboard with a compatible computer, there is a small bluetooth, USB receiver hidden underneath the keyboard in the little compartment where the batteries go.  In order to open the bottom compartment, you just have to push and slide the small cover away from the outer edge.  Then when you’re finished, just align the little tabs and slide the cover back into place.

I personally didn’t have to download any software to get it to connect to any of my devices I simply used the key combinations listed in the instructions for each model to connect them the first time, holding those two keys down for a few seconds, then the corresponding button at the top for each device to connect or to switch between devices.

The best part about this keyboard is its wide range of compatibility!  Whether you use a Windows computer or an iMac- the keyboard keys are programmed for both computers! It is also compatible with Chrome, iOS, and Droid devices!

An added bonus is that behind the keyboard area there is a groove which is actually a stand for tablets and phones so you don’t have to worry about that either!  It’s built with you and your devices in mind!


Here’s a quick run-down of my favorite features of this keyboard if you are short on time today! 🙂
Reasons to Love This Wireless Keyboard:
  1. Connects to multiple devices: you can go from typing on your computer, to your phone, to your iPad, switching between them quickly and easily with a touch of a button and never miss a beat
  2. Does not have to be charged as it runs on batteries
  3. Keys are responsive, round, and comfortable 
  4. Can use key commands like “copy and paste” or “find on page” (I find this especially convenient on my iPad)
  5. Works very well – dependable to connect and stay connected
  6. Has an on and off switch to save even more battery life🔋 
  7. Much easier to write with than a tablet’s on-screen keyboard for long e-mails, books, and more!
  8. Has a number pad for working on spreadsheets! 
  9. Hands are not cramped like using smaller keyboards!
  10. It doesn’t add extra letters which some other keyboards can do that from time to time.
  11. Comes with a small USB receiver located inside of the battery compartment underneath
  12. Easy and quick to set up: set it and forget it
  13. Works with compatible versions of Windows, iMac, iOS, Chrome, and Droid devices
  14. Has a built-in stand for your tablet or phone behind the keyboard
Where To Purchase:
If you are interested in purchasing your very own or to give as gifts🎁, you can take a look for yourself at the product through my affiliate link listed here below: Check price and availability on Amazon here. Again, this is a product I personally love using, and I would not recommend it to you otherwise!  I hope you enjoy using it as much as I do! Until next time, I hope you found this post quite helpful, and I look forward to sharing more of my favorite products with you soon!
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